Hot Toys and Sideshow Collectibles’ BACK TO THE FUTURE DeLorean Now Available for Pre-Order

     September 4, 2014


Back to the Future was such an indelible part of my childhood that, for a long time, the only car that I wanted when I grew up was a DeLorean.  I didn’t care that they were expensive and rapidly going out of style, I cared about the fact that they looked awesome and the doors opened like wings.

Now Hot Toys and Sideshow Collectibles are releasing a sixth scale replica of that vehicle (the modded Doc Brown version of course).  It has those functional gull wing doors and working LED lights on both the interior and exterior of the model.  Hit the jump to check out images and pre-order the Hot Toys Back to the Future DeLorean here.  You can also pre-order the Marty McFly Sixth Scale Figure.  The DeLorean ships in March of 2016.

Via Sideshow Collectibles:

Pre-Order the Back to the Future DeLorean here.

Hot Toys Back to the Future DeLorean

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