Over 50 Images of Sideshow Collectibles’ New IRON MAN MARK XXXV – RED SNAPPER 1/6th Scale Figure

     June 30, 2014


Last week, Sideshow Collectibles’ sent me along their new Iron Man Mark XXXV – Red Snapper 1/6th scale figure.  I figured I should do an “unboxing” series of photos since the toys are celebrated for their level of detail.  Also, I’ve never opened a figure that cost over $250, so that was another reason to mark the occasion.  To be fair, when I started looking at the figure up close, I could see that the price tag is well worth it for die-hard collectors.  It’s not just the high level of detail; it’s also what’s missing.  You won’t see paint smudges or chipping or any signs of rushed mass-production.  It’s a carefully made product.

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You can tell from the top of the box that the UPS folks weren’t incredibly considerate with their precious cargo, but not to worry.  The inside packaging is more than sturdy enough, so there was no damage to the figure.


I was a little surprised by how cleanly the figure is packaged compared to regular action figures.  Usually, those figures are tied in with countless pieces of twisting wire, and it’s a pain to get them undone.  By comparison, this clicked out easily, and the packing materials were simply to make sure the plastic pieces didn’t rub against each other during transit.


Sideshow has other armors from Iron Man 3, so if you want to start lining them up along your shelf, you’ve got the name for each one on the base.


For me, the coolest parts of the figure are the lights.  There are four of them on the figure, and they’re each operated independently.  The switches are very small, and in the case of the chest and helmet, they’re obscured completely unless you remove the piece from the rest of the figure.


In case my hands didn’t provide some sense of the figure’s size, we briefly borrowed my friend’s iPhone to better give you a sense of scale.  Additionally, the figure has weight.  While it’s nothing something I would fling around carelessly, it didn’t feel flimsy either.


The figure also comes with a clear rod to give the figure some “flight”.  The Red Snapper isn’t the most graceful of Iron Man figures, so I think it looks slightly better when grounded, but that’s just my personal preference.


Overall, it’s what I expected: a cool figure.  It’s got an incredible level of detail, you can make it do some fun poses (in case you couldn’t tell from the photos, you can even move the claws), and it’s a nice close-up on one of the many suits that were briefly glimpsed in Iron Man 3.  After looking this figure over, I now have a better idea of what all the fuss is about when it comes to Sideshow Collectibles’ work.

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