Watch: ‘Hotel Artemis’ Cast and Director Drew Pearce Go Deep in 30-Minute Q&A

     June 8, 2018

Earlier this week, Collider and ArcLight Cinemas Hollywood hosted an early screening of Hotel Artemis and after the movie ended I got to moderate a really fun Q&A with Jodie Foster, Jeff Goldblum, Sterling K. Brown, Sofia Boutella and writer-director Drew Pearce. During the wide-ranging conversation they shared some great stories about the making of the film which included battling giant rats in downtown Los Angeles, what it was about the script that excited the actors, how each of them likes to work on set, if the cast can watch themselves on screen, if the script changed a lot, memorable moments from filming, and so much more. As a fan of everyone that participated in the Q&A, it was a real thrill getting to moderate the event and I’ve got to give a huge thank you to Global Road Entertainment for letting us show the film before it was in theaters.

Since most of our readers don’t live in L.A., we wanted to make sure everyone had the chance to see the event, so in the player above you can watch the entire conversation!


Image via Global Road Entertainment

If you’re not familiar with Hotel Artemis, the film takes place in a near-future Los Angeles and revolves around a secret members-only hospital that caters to criminals. Run by The Nurse (Jodie Foster), the hospital has various rules (including no weapons and no murdering other patients) that are put into question when an object of great value enters its gates. The film also stars Sterling K. Brown as “Waikiki,” Dave Bautista as “Everest,” Sofia Boutella as “Nice,” Jeff Goldblum as “The Wolf King/Niagara,” Brian Tyree Henry as “Honolulu,” Jenny Slate as “Morgan,” Zachary Quinto as “Crosby,” and Charlie Day as “Acapulco.” For more on the film you can read Matt Goldberg’s review.

Check out what Jodie Foster, Jeff Goldblum, Sterling K. Brown, Sofia Boutella and writer-director Drew Pearce had to say in the player above and below is exactly what we talked about.


Image via Global Road Entertainment

Hotel Artemis Q&A:

  • A question from Dave Bautista: Would the cast be willing to do Hotel Artemis the musical?
  • How Jodie Foster got a copy of the script before anyone else had seen it.
  • The cast talks about how they got involved in the project and what was it about the script that excited them to be in it?
  • How Jodie Foster hadn’t been in front of the camera in five years. What was it about this script that made her want to act again?
  • Drew Pearce talks about assembling the amazing cast and what it was like directing his first feature.
  • They all talk about filming in downtown Los Angeles and the challenges with shooting there which include giant rats.
  • They each share memorable moments from filming.
  • The cast talks about whether they can leave the character on set or does a piece always stay with them.
  • Do the actors enjoy doing less takes or more and how does Drew Pearce like to do it?
  • Drew Pearce talks about what he learned from early friends and family screenings/test screenings that impacted the finished film.
  • Can the actors watch themselves on screen?
  • How did the script change after casting the film and what was Pearce like on set with the dialogue?

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