Producer Dana Brunetti Talks HOUSE OF CARDS, the Possibility of Season 3, David Fincher’s Involvement, and More

     November 11, 2013


While you might not know the name Dana Brunetti, you’ve definitely seen some of his work.  Over the past few years, Brunetti has helped produce a number of cool and varied projects like 21, House of Cards, Captain Phillips, Fanboys, The Social Network, and Casino Jack (just to name a few), and next year he’s helping to bring 50 Shades of Grey to movie screens.  Not a bad ten year run.

With Captain Phillips now in theaters, last week I sat down with Brunetti for an extended video interview.  Since we talked about so many projects, I’m breaking up the conversation into smaller parts and starting with House of Cards.  With rumors floating around the net that the show might end with season two, I asked about the status of a third season, how happy Netflix has been with the show, getting nominated for Emmys, whether David Fincher is still involved, his thoughts on releasing all the episodes at once rather than a few at a time, and more.  Hit the jump to watch and look for more with Brunetti tomorrow.

house-of-cards-robin-wright-kevin-spaceyDana Brunetti:

  • Did he trip getting into any of the boats while filming Captain Phillips?
  • How many pizzas does Mike De Luca eat on location?
  • Is it true they did donuts while filming 21?
  • How did he become a producer?
  • How many scripts has he read in the bookcase behind him?
  • House of Cards talk.  Will there be a 3rd season?  Says they haven’t started negotiations yet.
  • Has Netflix told them how happy they are with the success of the show?
  • Was David Fincher involved in the  second season?   While not as involved as the first season, he’s still involved.
  • Did they make any changes as a result of what the fans said?
  • What did it mean getting nominated for awards?
  • What are his thoughts on the lack of online weekly buzz because all the episodes are released at once?



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