First HOUSE OF CARDS: SEASON 3 Trailer Released; Season Premiere Set for February 27, 2015

     December 1, 2014


Netflix has released the a brief House of Cards season 3 trailer, and while it’s less than 15 seconds, it’s more than enough to deliver Frank Underwood’s smarmy, knowing turn to the audience. I almost forgot that House of Cards was almost upon us again.  The hit Netflix series went from a devious first season to outright dark fantasy in season two, and I’m eager to see where the show is heading for what could be the final season.  After seeing Frank’s ascendency in season one and then nabbing the Presidency in season two, it feels like we’re in for the inevitable fall, and seeing how showrunner Beau Willimon plans to bring down this titan should be delightful.

Hit the jump for the House of Cards season 3 trailer.  Netflix has also revealed that the show will return on Friday, February 27, 2015, so clear your schedule for some binge-watching.

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