‘House of Cards’ Season 4 Trailer: Frank and Claire Go to War

     February 10, 2016


Netflix has released a new House of Cards Season 4 trailer, and it teases all of the intensity we’ve come to appreciate over the past three seasons. While it’s short on plot details, it gets the central conflict across, which is that a battle is brewing between the heavyweights, Frank (Kevin Spacey) and Claire (Robin Wright). It raises the question of how will this affect the other characters on the show, and it makes me wonder if we’ll even want to root for Frank or Claire. Either way, a terrible person wins, and while you can argue that Claire is more sympathetic by virtue of not having murdered anyone yet, she’s far from a saint.

My major concern with season four is that, like the first three seasons, it will just be a little too long, and there won’t be enough story to sustain all thirteen episodes. Not that will stop me from bingeing the moment they come online, mind you. At this point, it’s tradition.

Check out the new House of Cards Season 4 trailer below. All 13 episodes of the new season premiere March 4th.