Frank Underwood Is Just Getting Started in ‘House of Cards’ Season 4 Trailer

     December 16, 2015


Say what you will about Netflix – and after okaying another season of the dreadful Sense8, I could say plenty – they know an opportunity when they see it. That would explain why they decided to run a mock campaign ad for Frank Underwood’s 2016 re-election during last night’s GOP debate, as striking a display of shallow manipulations and nefarious conniving as any season of the largely excellent Netflix series. Not much of anything is revealed about the fourth season of House of Cards, other than it will obviously deal with Frank’s re-election, but it’s an smart, tempting tease for what will almost certainly be one of the series’ most raucous seasons to date. Check out the short trailer below:

Following the relatively disappointing third season of the series, which was adapted from the classic BBC series of the same name, season 4 of the show seems to promise a bit of a showdown between Frank and Claire Underwood, played with menacing mirth by Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright. What the series is weighted by is the nerve-wracking, occasionally fatal interplay between political persona and private, personal perspectives, and how confusion between these identities can effect intimate relationships. In Season 2, this was distinguished and made damn-near Shakesperean in the relationship between Frank and the former President, whereas season 3 was dominated by the tension between the Underwoods and a Putin surrogate that was never quite fully fleshed out by the writers. Here’s hoping that season 4 finds more stable ground to explore the repression and control issues that drive so many political identities, rather than simply exploring modern politics in a superficial, if engaging way.

On top of the trailer, here’s the first poster for season 4 of House of Cards, which debuts on March 4th, 2016: