Get Ready for HOUSE OF CARDS: Season 3 with These Video Recaps

     February 26, 2015


Need some House of Cards season 3 recaps to get you ready for this weekend?  I know I do.  The show is perfect for binge-watching not only because the storyline is addictive, but also because it’s so overcooked that if you step away for even a week, you might forget who’s been double-crossing whom.

So step away for an entire year, and everything gets pretty damn hazy.  Ask me what happened in season two off the top of my head, and I know that Frank pushed Zoe in front of a train, and that my new call sign for victory is double-tapping a desk because it means I’M THE PRESIDENT.  But in between those moments were a lot of political intrigue and insanity ranging from the battle between Frank (Kevin Spacey) and Tusk (Gerald McRaney), the romance between Remy (Mahershala Ali) and Jackie (Molly Parker), the conspiracy between Lucas (Sebastian Arcelus) and Gavin (Jimmi Simpson), and that’s still not the half of it.

If you need a refresher (and unless you’ve been re-watching the episodes, you probably do), we have two video recaps for you.  First is the official Season 2 recap from Netflix, which is more like a series of bullet points of the biggest moments.  This video basically tells us what will probably be the most important things to know going into Season 3.

A recap video from the Fine Brothers goes through seasons one and two, and while it’s still not as elucidating as I would like, it does highlight the ludicrous plot.  We take House of Cards seriously because it takes itself seriously, but if you take one step back, it falls apart like a flimsy structure of some kind.

House of Cards will debut all 13 episodes from Season 3 on Friday.