Exclusive ‘How It Ends’ Trailer Reveals Netflix’s Action-Packed Apocalypse Movie

     June 22, 2018


Netflix continues to roll out blockbuster pictures on the small screen, and the latest action-packed headed to the streaming service is the apocalyptic thriller How It Ends. The film stars Divergent franchise breakout Theo James as a man who winds up on the opposite side of the country from his pregnant wife when a mysterious apocalyptic event spreads across the nation. With the help of his estranged father-in-law (Forest Whitaker), who knows his way around guns, he makes his way across the disaster-ridden country to reunite his family.

It’s always fun when Whitaker gets to spin his signature tenderness on its head and play the badass, and it looks like we’re getting a fully locked-and-loaded tough guy portrayal from the Oscar-winning actor in this one. As far as apocalyptic narratives go, How It Ends looks pretty meat and potatoes, but the mystery surrounding the nature of the disaster gives it a fun bit of intrigue and hopefully they can pull it all together in a way we haven’t seen before. The early-aughts were a bit of a golden age for big-budget apocalypse flicks but the trend has died off in recent years, so I’m excited to dip a toe back into one of my favorite subgenres.

Directed by David M. Rosenthal (The Perfect Guy) from the Black List script by Brooks McLaren, How It Ends also stars Kat Graham, Kerry Bishé, Mark O’Brien, Nicole Ari Parker, and Grace Dove. The film debuts on Netflix on Friday, July 13. on Watch our exclusive How It Ends trailer premiere below, followed by the official synopsis and poster.


As a mysterious apocalypse causes the spread of misinformation and violence, a man and his estranged father-in-law race across a chaotic and fractured country to save his pregnant wife.

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