How Much Would You Pay to Visit the INCEPTION Set and Have Lunch With Christopher Nolan? Did I mention it’s for Charity?

     September 29, 2009

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If you’re a huge fan of director Christopher Nolan and have dreamed about standing on a movie set and watching him direct, you’re about to possibly spend a lot of money. That’s because The Pablove Foundation is auctioning off (for charity) an amazing opportunity to go to the set of his new movie “Inception” and not only watch him work, but you’d also have lunch with him. While the set visit would be a quick two hours, this is definitely an amazing opportunity as the set of “Inception” is closed to all outsiders and you’d probably get to see some really cool stuff. Also, you’d be able to have an intimate chat with this brilliant director and you’d be in the unique position to ask him all the questions every fan wants to know like is he going to make “Batman 3” and who are the villains!

So if you’re interested in learning more, hit the jump. Just know the auction ends September 30th at 17:46:39 PDT so be quick.

Here’s the link to place a bid and below are the details for the auction. The visit would be in Los Angeles during the week of October 12th. If I had the money I would bid myself. Although after reading the rules, they probably wouldn’t allow me on set.

Christopher Nolan image (1).jpgThe ultimate experience for fans of the Batman movies, aspiring actors, film buffs and film students! Join accomplished director Christopher Nolan (Batman: ‘The Dark Knight’, ‘Batman Begins’ Memento, and The Prestige) on set of his upcoming feature production and watch him in action.

From Christopher Nolan’s groundbreaking murder mystery Memento and The Prestige, his romantic pyscho-drama set in the world of 19th century magic to his Batman films The Dark Knight and Batman Begins, Christopher Nolan explores the dark side of the human psyche, combining stunning visual effects and heart-stopping action with compelling characters.

As the winner of this auction, you and a guest will have a VIP visit to the set of Christopher’s newest production and experience the thrill of how a director works seeing his vision come to life amid the excitement of a working film set!

You and your guest’s (2)-hour set visit will also include lunch with Christopher where you will be able to ask him questions about his career and work as a screenwriter and director, and get tips from one of the best in the business.

The set is located in Los Angeles and the location will be revealed to the auction winner only, The set visit will take place week of Oct 12, 2009. Exact date the week of Oct 12, 2009 is TBD. No other dates are available for this visit.

You and your guest will also have an opportunity to take a picture with Christopher. Plus you may bring three items each for Christopher to sign as well. No cameras are allowed on set, but a representative will take your picture with Christopher to capture the memories to share with your friends and family.

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