If You Buy a Google Chromebook, You Can Get 3 Months of Disney+ Free

     November 26, 2019


On its own, Disney+ will cost you $6.99 a month. Bundled with Hulu and ESPN+, you’ll be paying $12.99 a month. Pretty affordable, right? But prices can always be lower. And Google knows there ain’t a lower price than “free.” So, from 11/25/2019 to 1/31/2020, if you buy yourself (or a special someone) a Google Chromebook, you’re eligible to three free months of Disney+.

The Google Chromebook, originally introduced in 2011, is a sleek, ultra-thin, ultra-fast laptop that uses Chrome OS as its base operating system, not just as its web browser. Many different computer companies, from Acer to Google itself, make many different types of Chromebooks from as low as $199 to as high as $999 — which is still lower than the cheapest MacBook Air. Now, to sweeten that pot, Google is offering any new consumer of a Chromebook three free months of Disney+ — ostensibly, to experience on that same Chromebook.


Image via Disney+

There are a few catches to this too-good-to-be-true deal, however. If you’re already a Disney+ consumer, you can’t get three free months credited to your account — this deal is only for folks who have not already signed up for the streaming service. Plus, if you live anywhere besides the U.S., you’re not eligible for the deal, even if you’re in a non-U.S. country that has Disney+. So if you’re okay with these restrictions, need yourself a cool new laptop, and want some free Mandalorian to boot, this just might be the deal for you.

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