How to Get HBO Max If You Have HBO Now

     May 28, 2020


HBO Max launched this week with a bevy of exciting library titles, the entire HBO catalogue, and all the Harry Potter movies, but some are still questioning how to get HBO Max. For those who already subscribe to HBO, it’s available through your cable provider (probably, although exceptions exist). But what if you have HBO Now, the standalone streaming service offered by HBO that doesn’t require a cable subscription? How do you get HBO Max then?

Well technically your HBO Now app should automatically update (if you have automatic updates on) and turn into an HBO Max app, which means you now automatically get HBO Max. You simply have to log in using your existing HBO Now email and password, choose “Access all of HBO Max,” and voila—you’re off to the races.

hbo-max-homepageBut accessing HBO Max through HBO Now isn’t that simple for everyone. If you get HBO Now through the following providers, you should be good to go:

  • HBO (
  • App stores: Apple, Google Play, Samsung TV
  • Internet providers: Consolidated Communications, Liberty, Optimum, and Verizon
  • HBO Now gift card

If you don’t get HBO Now from one of the above providers, you may be seeing a “Currently Unavailable” error. Unfortunately, that means your provider doesn’t currently support HBO Max. The streaming service is working to nail down contracts with providers as we speak, so it’s possible your provider will be added soon (Comcast wasn’t added until the day HBO Max launched), or it’s possible you still have to wait a bit. Technically during this time, you should still be able to access and watch HBO Now.

If you’re still having trouble turning HBO Now into HBO Max, make sure you’re using a device that supports HBO Max:

  • Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch (with iOS 12.2 or later)
  • Android phone and tablets (with Android OS 5 or later)
  • PC with Windows 7 or later
  • Mac with macOX X 10.10 (Yosemite) or later
  • Google Chromebooks
  • Android TV (with Android OS 5 or later)—This includes most Sony Android TVs (2016 models and later) as well as the AT&T Streaming TV box
  • Apple TV (4th gen or later) with the latest tvOS software.
  • PlayStation 4—Download the HBO Max app on your PS4 and sign in.
  • Samsung TV (2016 models and later)—Download the HBO Max app and sign in, although only these Samsung TV models are supported.
  • Xbox One—Download the HBO Max app on your Xbox One and sign in.
  • Chromecast—Cast HBO Max from your phone or tablet to your TV
  • Airplay—Share HBO Max with your Apple TV (2nd or 3rd generation)
  • HDMI cable—Connect your computer, phone, or tablet to your TV.

For more on HBO Max, check out our review of the streaming service and our list of the best movies available to stream.


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