Disney+ Bundle Explained: How to Get Hulu & ESPN with Your Subscription

     November 15, 2019

The highly anticipated streaming service Disney+ launched on Tuesday, November 12th, and folks are already relishing the opportunity to watch Disney films new and old on demand. The $6.99 price point for the service—which includes a host of old live-action and animated Disney movies, as well as the original and new Star Wars movies, a ton of Marvel and Pixar movies, and even a bevy of National Geographic content—is an absolute steal, but there’s been one major question looming over the last few days: how do you get the Hulu/Disney+/ESPN+ bundle?

Indeed, while Disney+ is great, the content is mostly family friendly. If it’s sitcoms like 30 Rock or Rick and Morty you’re looking for, or R-rated movies like Election or The Sisters Brothers, that kind of content is found on Hulu. But luckily, now that Disney owns Hulu, you can get the best of both worlds for a bargain.


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The Mouse House previously announced that subscribers would be given the opportunity to purchase a subscription bundle that includes Disney Plus, Hulu with ads, and ESPN Plus, the latter of which includes exclusive sports video, live events, and the complete 30 for 30 library and costs $5 per month as a standalone. But for $12.99 a month, you can get all three streaming services.

In order to get the bundle, you simply have to go to the Disney+ website, click on your profile, go to “account” and change your subscription. If you already have an existing subscription with Disney+, Hulu, and/or ESPN+, you don’t need to cancel your subscription. Instead, the amount charged for this Disney bundle will be automatically adjusted to account for your subscription. Disney+ will then email you a specific breakdown of your charges—although if you purchased ESPN+ through an app store, you’ll need to link an ESPN account to your app store purchase.

If you signed up to get Disney+ for free through Verizon, you can continue to take advantage of that promotional offer and purchase the bundle. Just make sure you subscribe to the bundle with the same email address as associated with your ESPN or Disney+ account, and Disney will provide you with a credit against the bundle price in an amount equal to the effective monthly price for your pre-existing subscription or promotional offer for the duration of that offer. But if you cancel or otherwise lose access to your pre-existing subscription or promotional offer, you will be charged $12.99 per month for the bundle and you will continue to have access to Disney+, ESPN+ and Hulu.

It all seems pretty self-explanatory, but if you do run into issues you can call Disney+’s Customer Service team at 888-905-7888.

While some may be annoyed by the ads on Hulu, I still think this is a pretty great bundle. So you have to sit through a couple of commercials while watching Veronica Mars, like we did way back in olden times. Big deal. At least your diversity of content from these streaming services gets tripled, all for just $13 a month.

So get to bundling, and once you’re ready to watch check out our curated lists of the best movies and TV shows to watch on Disney+ and best movies and TV shows to watch on Hulu.


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