INSIDE OUT: 39 Things to Know about Making a Movie at Pixar

     May 26, 2015


It’ll never cease to amaze me how many people and how much time goes into making a feature film, but while visiting the Pixar campus in San Francisco back in April, I got the opportunity to get an especially in depth look at what it took to make Inside Out and it’s an absolutely mind-blowing process. The day after screening the first hour of the movie, we got the opportunity to participate in five presentations – one for the story department, one for production design, one for layout, one for animation and one for the lighting department. Each gave us a play-by-play of what they do on a daily basis covering the technical and creative requirements of their jobs, showing examples of their work and how the material changes over the course of production, and tons more.

Warning: This is a long one, but it was hard enough to keep this piece from being double the length because there were so many fascinating things that had to be done in order to bring Joy, Sadness, Disgust, Anger, Fear and Riley herself to life on screen in the most effective way. Here are 39 things to know about the process of making Inside Out broken down by department:

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