How to Watch ‘Bill and Ted Face the Music’ — On Demand Options and Which Theaters Are Playing It

     August 27, 2020


At long last, Bill and Ted 3 is here! It took over a decade for Bill and Ted Face the Music to get made, but the long-awaited sequel is finally ready for release – albeit not entirely as planned. How do you finally watch Bill and Ted Face the Music, exactly? We’re glad you asked. 

The follow-up sees the return of stars Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter and writers Ed Solomon and Chris Matheson (who wrote the first two Bill and Ted movies), and picks up with the titular dudes in middle-age. They still haven’t written the song that changes the world, and Wyld Stallyns is in a bit of a rough patch. But they’re forced to get their rears in gear when a visitor from the future tells them they have a finite amount of time to write the all-important song – or else the universe will be irreparably broken. Instead of focusing on their craft, Bill and Ted decide to steal a phone booth and travel into the future to when they’ve already written the song so they can steal it from themselves. What could possibly go wrong?


Image via Orion Pictures

Bill and Ted are joined on their journey this time around by their now-grown daughters, Billie (Brigette Lundy-Paine) and Thea (Samara Weaving), along with some new faces and familiar friends.

But while Bill and Ted Face the Music was supposed to be released in theaters this summer, the pandemic forced Orion and MGM to make other plans. So if you’re wondering how to watch Bill and Ted Face the Music, we’ve got you covered.

The film is still being released on August 28th in select theaters that are currently open, but at the same time (on the same day) it’s available to rent as a PVOD release for $24.99. Because it’s being made available on demand at the same time that it’s in theaters, some major theater chains are not showing Bill and Ted Face the Music – but it’s still playing in about 700 theaters, most of them independently owned.

To watch Bill and Ted Face the Music on demand, you can rent it through a variety of retailers – Apple TV, Fandango NOW, Vudu, Xbox, Google, Kaleidescape, Amazon, Sony, Verizon, Frontier Communications, and more.

To watch Bill and Ted Face the Music in theaters, click here to get tickets and find out which theaters are playing it.

So happy viewing and remember, be excellent to each other. For more details, visit the film’s official website. And for a history of the making of the movie, check out our set visit report.


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