Here’s How to Watch ‘The Simpsons’ on Disney+ in Its Original Aspect Ratio

     May 28, 2020


Disney+ putting all episodes of The Simpsons on their streaming service? That’s good. Disney+ “remastering” early episodes into a forced 16:9 aspect ratio, cropping off vital information and jokes? That’s bad. Disney+ fixing their mistakes and allowing us to watch the episodes in their correct aspect ratios? That’s good! Disney+ not making this viewing option the default and making you have to poke around to select it? That’s… mixed?

Yes, The Simpsons is now available on Disney+ in its original 4:3 aspect ratio, restoring all the info and jokes we’ve been missing. But the default viewing option for a casual viewer popping in to rewatch, say, the Frogurt bit in “Treehouse of Horror III,” is still the screwy 16:9 version. What gives, Disney? Luckily for you, I’ve got a set of simple, step-by-step instructions to ensure your Simpsons Disney+ viewing experience is as good as it can be.


Image via Disney

Select The Simpsons in your preferred Disney+ viewing experience. But don’t select an episode to watch just yet. Instead, select “Details.” There, you’ll see a toggle uptop that reads “Remastered Aspect Ratio,” and you’ll see the toggle is pre-selected. This means all your episodes will, by default, be presented in what they call “their remastered 16:9 widescreen format.” Want that 4:3 realness? Simply toggle the button off — and you’ll now watch all The Simpsons episodes in their original format by default! And if you choose any later season episodes and find they’re in 16:9, worry not: As they say, “later episodes are only available in 16:9 format,” as that’s the original format they were produced in.

I guess I kind of understand why 16:9 is still the default, especially if Disney is targeting a casual viewer with a widescreen television. To someone not plugged into “streaming aspect ratio drama” (i.e., most people), I imagine their main concern would be “the image taking up my entire screen.” To them, I suppose I say, “Go with God.” But for those of us who do care about such matters, I hope this button gives you everything you want and more. That’s good!

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