‘Howard’s End’ Trailer Reveals Hayley Atwell, Matthew Macfadyen in Starz’s Miniseries

     December 7, 2017


My co-workers saved this trailer for me to write up because they knew how on-brand it is for me. Let me count the ways: In Edwardian (check) London (check), two unconventional sisters (check) follow romance (check) and get embroiled in a secret (check) that could undo their happiness. Plus there are horses and beautiful English homes and witty conversations and an amazing cast. I mean who needs to be convinced of this?

Howard’s End is Kenneth Lonergan‘s (Manchester by the Sea) adaptation of E.M. Forester‘s celebrated novel, and stars Hayley Atwell, Philippa Coulthard, Matthew Macfadyen, and Tracey Ullman, among a bevy of other wonderful actors. There’s also a hypochondriac character, my favorite! Check out the trailer below, which gives away far too much of the plot if you ask me (even though these kinds of stories are usually mostly character studies):