‘The Flash’ Recap: “When Harry Met Harry” – The Thinker Revealed

     November 14, 2017


What was that? The Flash Season 4 Episode 6, “When Harry Met Harry,” was jam-packed with crazy in both of the main storylines. I’m not sure which one left more jaws on the ground. Was it the mad Council of Wells? Or, Barry, Ralph, and the meta-controlled killer stone cat, caveman, and dinosaur?

This season of The Flash has been lighter, funnier, and much more enjoyable to watch than it was last season, but the writers pushed it a little too far this week. If the hour included Harry and his “Harry” pals OR Ralph and the Killer “effigies,” it probably would have been more tolerable. The combination created a feeling similar to an ice cream headache: too much of a good thing.

The disdainful banter between Barry and Ralph in Jitters reinforced their troubled past while maintaining a sense of humor at least. Then, a robber picked the worst two people to rob at that moment. Their conferencing in the middle of a robbery was hilarious. A convenient robbery scene isn’t anything unique, but it worked to provide further insight into Ralph’s meta-abilities and his personal shortcomings as a hero. The bullets boomeranging in his Gumby-body definitely will work in his favor as a superhero on the streets.


Image via The CW

Another not particularly original scene included Barry and Iris taking Ralph to Dr. Finkle for hypnosis. Of course, Ralph doesn’t think it will work on him. And, of course, it does. Even though the result was expected, the execution of the scene was spot on. Hilarity ensues any time the characters walk into Dr. Finkle’s office, and I wouldn’t mind more of Dr. Finkle this season.

Ralph’s memory coincided with Joe and Barry’s case regarding a killer cat statue and put them on track to find the bus meta causing turmoil around town. Ralph’s moral code was called into question again when he chose to go after the meta instead of protecting the innocent people she harmed. When a little girl was hurt due to Ralph’s decision, it opened his eyes to his greater purpose.

Barry took Ralph under his guidance on this case. After all that Ralph did in the past, it’s still not clear why Barry has taken such an interest in the Elongated Man, but he has and his lessons worked. Despite his poor decisions in the past and questionable career as a private investigator, Ralph is a detective, a cop, and man with a good heart at the core.

If Ralph’s antics can be tamed, he will be a good addition to Team Flash. If not, he may be a little too much to handle and “ice cream headaches” may become a regular occurrence while watching The Flash. His decision to return the necklace to the Sioux and his visit to the young girl indicate that his softer side may help offset his over-the-top Jim Carrey-ness.

In line with that humor, there was also the Council of Wells. It was too reminiscent of last season’s “The New Rogues.” Tom Cavanagh is brilliant and hysterical as the different versions of Wells, but it felt like an unnecessary retread. Sure, Harry has a difficult time making friends outside of the team, but it’s not like we see any other team members with outside friends either. In the end, the Council was able to work together and figure out the true identity of DeVoe.


Image via The CW

The Thinker and Clifford DeVoe are one! His motivation and endgame are still a mystery, but the team is one step closer to uncovering their major foe and then disrupting his plans. He’s certainly going to be the most difficult nemesis they’ve faced yet. It’s not about speed. It’s about which of them will have the greater mind. With Team Flash on the case, they have many minds against one. But it will it cost to secure a victory?

Rating: ★★★ Good