Hugh Jackman to Return to Broadway in 2013/2014 for Original Musical HOUDINI Written by Aaron Sorkin

     January 4, 2012


We usually don’t cover Broadway news, but when you have Tony-winner Hugh Jackman and Oscar-and-Emmy-winner Aaron Sorkin teaming up for an original musical, it’s worth attention.  Back in November 2010, we reported that Jackman was attached to the musical biopic Houdini and Sorkin was writing the book (the plot and dialogue of a musical).  The production has now sent out a press release announcing that the show will premiere in 2013/2014.  Jackman recently finished his two month run on Hugh Jackman, Back on Broadway, which played to sold-out audiences.  He’s also about to begin filming on the movie musical adaptation of Les Miserables.

Hit the jump for more on the production and Sorkin’s approach to Harry Houdini‘s story.

Houdini’s biggest claim to fame was as an escape artist, but in the 1920s he made efforts to debunk spiritualists (psychics and mediums).  Sorkin (who wrote A Few Good Men as a play before turning it into a movie) says this aspect of Houdini’s life will be the centerpiece of the musical:

“Rather than being a biography, HOUDINI–told in a contemporary tone–tells the story of an epic battle that took place between the world’s greatest illusionist and a trio of women, known as ‘Spiritualists’, who convinced millions of people, including the editors of Scientific American and The New York Times, that they could communicate with the dead,” said Aaron Sorkin. “The chance to collaborate with [producer] Stephen Schwartz, [director] Jack O’Brien, and Hugh Jackman on a new Broadway musical is a huge gift.”

Once tickets become available, I’m sure they’ll sell out instantly.  Have fun with that.

Hugh Jackman, Back on BroadwayBroadhurst Theatre

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