Hugh Jackman Drops out of Kevin Lima’s AVON MEN

     August 16, 2010


Hugh Jackman (or as he’s known to Tracy Morgan, “Jack Human“) has dropped out of the comedy Avon Men.  The film, directed by Kevin Lima (Enchanted), is about a group of guys laid off from an auto dealership and one turns to selling Avon products door-to-door.  Per Deadline, “He then tries to save his town and help his struggling family by pulling in his macho unemployed pals to hawk beauty products so they can win a regional contest.”  Filming on Avon Men was scheduled to begin this past April in Atlanta, but was shut down at the last minute.

Jackman’s schedule for the remainder of 2010 could now go two ways.  He could spend the fall building up muscle for Wolverine 2, which goes before cameras next year.  Or, if Lee Daniels’ Selma manages to get financing, Jackman could build up the 30 pounds of not-muscle for his role as racist sheriff Jim Clark.  Then he’d have to lose it all again to play Wolverine.  Jackman will remain as a producer on Avon Men.

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