‘Eddie the Eagle’ Super Bowl Spot Brings Out Drew Brees, Kurt Warner

     February 7, 2016


Every other Super Bowl trailer for a 2016 movie seems to be following a kind of similar philosophy: more footage, new footage. That’s certainly been the case for Gods of Egypt, which debuted its Super Bowl spot yesterday. So, hats off to Eddie the Eagle, Dexter Fletcher‘s feel-good sports comedy that had a well-received secret screening at Sundance a few weeks ago, for changing it up a bit. The Super Bowl spot for the film, which features Hugh Jackman as the coach to an unlikely skier, played by Taron Egerton of Kingsman: The Secret Service, features a trio of famous athletes stumping for the film’s depiction of the athletic life. Kurt Warner, Russell Wilson, and Drew Brees are the athletes in this particular case, and they all seem to be getting into the spirit of the film’s goofy, openly inspiring spirit. You can check out the trailer right below:

Jackman has been a seasoned performer for awhile now, doing some distinctly remarkable work in Denis Villeneuve‘s underrated Prisoners and, of course, as the Wolverine in a variety of films, as well as in The Prestige and The Fountain. And though I was not a fan (at all) of Kingsman, I have every expectation that Egerton has talent that’s yet to be harnessed in a substantial way. The most interesting facet of this production, however, is Fletcher, who turned to directing after solidifying a brilliant career as an actor.

As a performer, he’s done his best work in Mike Leigh‘s absolutely fantastic Topsy Turvy, as well a playing one of the central crooks in Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels; as a child, he appeared in The Elephant Man and The Long Good Friday. And with his last two films, Wild Bill and Sunshine on Leith, he’s proven himself to be a competent, if not particularly ambitious director of joyful, comedic dramas. Fans of those films will likely find something similar to love about Eddie the Eagle, when its released on February 26th.


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