Hugh Jackman on Why He Kept Playing Wolverine All These Years

     March 3, 2017

Back in late January, we announced a really cool contest: One of our readers would go with me to the Logan press junket in New York City to conduct Collider’s interview with Hugh Jackman! While we’ve done a lot of cool contests over the past decade, this one might be the best.


Image via 20th Century Fox

As you can see in the video above, our interview was conducted by Charles Lewis who asked Jackman about getting to show off Wolverine’s berserker mode, pitching the story to Fox, why he kept playing Wolverine all these years, if he’s really done playing Logan or if he could pop up in a future cameo, what’s his going rate for birthday parties, and more.

Finally, as I have said again and again, I absolutely loved director James Mangold’s Logan. While I had high hopes going in, I’ll admit the finished film was even better than I imagined. Unlike the previous X-Men and Wolverine films that have come before, what’s unique about Logan is it doesn’t have to set up the next installment or worry about holding back because of the rating. Because Mangold and Hugh Jackman had complete freedom to tell this story, they were able to make the movie they wanted to make and bring fans the version of Wolverine we’ve always wanted to see. I really can’t give everyone involved enough praise for such a job well done and to Fox for letting them make this movie. And I haven’t even gotten into how awesome Patrick Stewart was as Charles Xavier or the rest of the supporting cast including Dafne Keen, Boyd HolbrookStephen Merchant, Richard E. Grant, and Elizabeth Rodriguez. For more on the film, read Matt Goldberg’s review.

Hugh Jackman:

  • How did it feel to show off Wolverine’s berserker mode that we have seen in the comics in the film?
  • Would he be receptive to doing any cameos in a future X-men related film or is this really it?
  • Talks about how he pitched the film to FOX.
  • Why did he stay with this character all these years?
  • What’s his going rate for birthday parties?

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