HUMAN FLY Superhero Movie in the Works; Steven Goldmann to Direct

     June 27, 2012


While everyone’s hoping to find out what the two “mystery” superhero movies in development at Marvel are at Comic-Con in a couple of weeks, confirmation of another Marvel superhero movie has just come to light…sort of.  Deadline reports that Alan Brewer and Steven Goldmann have acquired the rights to comics character The Human Fly and are in the process of developing a feature film based on the character.  There were actually two different characters that carried the Human Fly name in Marvel comics.  One was a villain who was imprinted with a fly’s genetic coding after being left for dead by Spider-Man (that pesky Peter Parker), while the other was a young man whose skeleton was replaced by steel following a car accident.  Hit the jump for more.

Deadline’s report doesn’t specify which incarnation of the Human Fly this deal entails, but Goldmann will be directing the feature film. The “superhero” version of Human Fly became a daredevil with his steel-enhanced skeleton, and he performed stunts to benefit charities.  You know, for the kids.  I assume this is the character they’ll be tackling, but again the report doesn’t specify either way.  Goldmann previously directed the 2008 film Trailer Park of Terror and 2006’s Broken Bridges, but this will be his first foray into superhero territory.

It’s important to note that Human Fly does not fall into Marvel Studios territory, as Goldmann and Brewer picked up the rights to the character on their own and are financing the film through private equity sources.  No word on how this affects Marvel’s insect-themed Ant-Man film from Edgar Wright, but my guess is “not at all.”


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