August 5, 2011


RIPT’s shirt of the day is probably a must-buy for fans of The Hunger Games. It’s a clever play on the Survivor logo and I’m sure it’s made from the finest fabric the Capitol has to offer.  I’m not a big enough fan to buy it but I know plenty of devoted Hunger Games fans (do you guys have a nickname?  Tributes?  Mockingjays?  The Hungry?) read the site so I thought I would bring this to your attention.

Also, side note: looking at other movie websites, I’ve noticed that a lot of folks think The Hunger Games is another Twilight-like series.  That was my initial concern as well, but I promise that Katniss Everdeen (played by Jennifer Lawrence in the movie) is the anti-Bella Swan.  In the first book she’s a stone-cold badass and it’s not until the following novels that she becomes mopey and kind of unbearable.  Anyway, hit the jump to check out the shirt.  Gary Ross’ adaptation of The Hunger Games hits on March 23, 2012.

Click over to RIPT Apparel to buy the shirt.  It’s available for purchase today only and costs $10 plus shipping.


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