First Promo Posters for HUNKY DORY, SKILLS, and WU XIA

     November 14, 2010

Straight out of the American Film Market (AFM), we’ve got some new images from a few upcoming films. First up is Hunky Dory, which is a musical from the producer of 2000’s Billy Elliott and starring Minnie Driver. The film is directed by Marc Evans (Snow Cake) and centers on a drama teacher who mounts a rock ‘n roll version of Shakespeare’s The Tempest in a 1970’s high school.  The flick will feature an impressive soundtrack that includes the music of David Bowie, The Beach Boys, and Pink Floyd.  Skills is a Swedish parkour movie, starring Marcus Gustafsson who is one of the world’s leading parkour-artists. It features fight choreography by Ong Bak 2’s Tim Man and is directed by Johannes Pinter (Sleepwalker).  Finally, Wu Xia is a martial arts film from Peter Ho-Sun Chan (The Warlords) starring Donnie Yen, Takeshi Kaneshiro, and Tang Wei. Hit the jump to check out the images/promo posters.

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