The ‘Hunters’ Red Band Trailer Is Full of Bloody Nazi-Killin’ and Blunt Cussin’

     February 13, 2020


Listen: I was going to watch Hunters from the first time I heard about it (which, for the record, was documented here). Al Pacino leading a band of Nazi-killers from the brains of Jordan Peele and David Weil, all aping the aesthetics and vibes of ’70s grindhouse cinema? Duh doy. But if you still need a pitch — or just wanna see more gnarly footage from the show — Amazon just released a red band trailer. It’s NSFW, and it is full of naughty words and bloodshed.


Image via Amazon Prime

“What is this? Who are you people?” asks an older Nazi woman, shackled to a chair in front of our titular hunters. “Those are some very deep, existential questions,” begins Tiffany Boone, before punctuating furiously: “For a fuckin’ Nazi.” This level of bluntness permeates throughout the new look, boasting all kinds of purple profanity-ridden prose spoken with a mordant sense of humor. We also see the measures of violence being taken by both parties involved (that is to say, the Nazis and the non-Nazis) that really took me back in their inventive grisliness (one scene involving a bowling ball and teeth is going to infect my nightmares for some time to come). Plus, a Nazi ritual involving milk and blood is hinted at, and you know that scene is gonna make us cringe and laugh in equal measure. What a deliriously gonzo looking show!

Created by Weil and produced by Peele, the show stars Pacino, Boone, Jerrika Hinton, Logan LermanJosh RadnorDylan BakerKate MulvanyLena OlinSaul RubinekLouis Ozawa Changchien, and Greg Austin. The pilot is directed by Alfonso Gomez-Rejon (The Town That Dreaded Sundown), and the series was co-produced by Monkeypaw Productions and Sonar Entertainment.

Hunters comes to Amazon Prime February 21. Check out the NSFW red band trailer below. For more on Pacino, here’s the first table read of The Irishman. For more on Peele, here’s our Us post-screening interview with him. And for more on Amazon, here’s our favorite shows on the streaming service.