Hurley and Weezer Perform Together; Plus Weezer Covers MGMT and Lady Gaga’s Poker Face

     September 23, 2010

About a month ago we reported Weezer’s new CD was called Hurley and the cover featured Lost’s Jorge Garcia.  While I figured we’d never write about their pairing again, the other night at an Axe party in Hollywood, Jorge Garcia actually got on stage with the band and performed sang Perfect Situation with Rivers Cuomo.  If you remember, Garcia recently sang in the opening segment of this year’s Emmys, as he was part of that great Glee sketch.  It’s really worth watching if you missed it.

While we normally don’t cover music, I’m a huge fan of Weezer, and figured some of you might like to see Garcia and the band perform.  I’ve also embedded clips of the band covering Kids by MGMT, Poker Face by Lady Gaga, and performing My Name is Jonas with My Chemical Romance at the same party.


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