HYPDERDRIVE Spec Script Acquired by Paramount

     October 13, 2011


If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “Hey, someone should make a movie that crosses 48 Hours with The Fifth Element,” look no further than Paramount’s new acquisition, Hyperdrive. The sci-fi script by Morgan Jurgenson (Tucker and Dale vs. Evil) and David Daniels (a pseudonym for Alex Ankeles, VP of Panay Films at Disney) is part murder mystery and part space opera. The plot details of Hyperdrive focus on a hardened detective who, with the help of a nerdy sci-fi author, searches for a key witness to a murder. While on Earth, the duo get caught up in a battle of interstellar forces. In the aim of keeping the Bruce Willis theme, I’d peg it more as The Fifth Element meets Live Free or Die Hard. Hit the jump for more info on Hyperdrive.

The acquisition of Hyperdrive, via THR, was won by Paramount after a few other studios showed a strong interest. Jurgenson is riding strong reviews from Tucker and Dale vs. Evil and is even considering a possible sequel. He’s also currently developing a pilot with Thruline Entertainment. The spec script was brought to Paramount by VP of Production, Elizabeth Raposo. Hyperactive production will be handled by Mary Parent and Cale Boyter at Disruption Entertainment.


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