Hugh Dancy Joins Maggie Gyllenhaal for HYSTERIA

     August 20, 2010


Amid the same round of press where Maggie Gyllenhaal revealed she would star alongside Peter Sarsgaard in a Bill Monroe biopic, the actress spoke a bit about her upcoming role in Hysteria:

I play a firecracker whose father is a doctor who is in the business of curing hysterical women. He cures them basically by getting them off and that actually happened. I end up having a sort of unexpected love affair with this guy who works for him, and who by mistake invents the vibrator. [ScreenCrave]

Variety confirms Gyllenhaal’s involvement in the period rom-com, which most headlines have taken to calling a “vibrator comedy.”  Hugh Dancy has been cast opposite Gyllenhaal as the doctor (and romantic interest) who works for her father, played by Jonathan Pryce.  Rupert Everett also stars, with Tanya Wexler directing from a script by Stephen Dyer and Jonah Lisa Dyer.  Hysteria is slated for an October shoot.

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