Exclusive: Listen to a Track from the I, ORIGINS Soundtrack Composed by Will Bates and Phil Mossman

     July 7, 2014


Writer/director Mike Cahill’s (Another Earth) ambitious drama I, Origins was undoubtedly one of the best films I saw at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year (read my review here), and we at Collider are happy to debut an exclusive track from the film’s soundtrack.  The story revolves around a molecular biologist (Michael Pitt) who, along with his partner (Brit Marling), uncovers startling evidence that could fundamentally change society forever.  The discovery also forces the scientists to question their steadfast beliefs in science and spirituality.  The film delves deep into the science vs. religion debate with tact, resulting in a highly emotional and impactful feature that’s made all the more effective by the score from Will Bates (Fall on Your Sword) and Phil Mossman.

We’re premiering a track called “Message to My Future Self” by Bates and Mossman, and it’s a wonderful cue that’s indicative of the film’s tone overall.  Hit the jump to check it out, and to see what Cahill had to say about his collaboration with Bates and Mossman.  The I, Origins soundtrack will be available on July 15th, while the film hits theaters on July 18th.

Speaking about his work with Bates and Mossman on the score for I, Origins, Mike Cahill had this to say:

“I’ve been lucky in life to know Will Bates and Phil Mossman.  They make incredible music.  Their mind radios are dialed to the exact light frequency as mine.  We communicate telepathically.  Sometimes we use words, sometimes weird instruments.”

Take a listen to the track, “Message to My Future Self”, below and click here to check out some exclusive images from the film.


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