ICE AGE 4 (ICE AGE: CONTINENTAL DRIFT) Will Be Released July 13, 2012

     May 5, 2010

20th Century Fox has officially announced Ice Age 4 is moving forward and it’ll get released on July 13, 2012.  Tentatively titled Ice Age: Continental Drift, the 3D animated movie was a given after the third film, Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, made almost $900 million at the worldwide box office.

In fact, while some sequels make less than the previous film, each Ice Age installment has made more money than the one before.  The original Ice Age made $383 million (worldwide), Ice Age: The Meltdown made $655 (worldwide), and I’ve already said the last one almost $900 million.  That’s a staggering amount of money for a third film.

The other interesting note is the Ice Age movies have been getting released every three years since 2002.  Using simple math, it’s safe to assume Ice Age 5 will hit theaters in 2015.

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