Idris Elba to Play Blade or Luke Cage?

     October 5, 2010


Idris Elba, best known for his role in The Wire, will appear as Heimdall, the guardian of Asgard in Kenneth Branagh’s Thor. However, his role within the Marvel properties might not end there. While promoting his upcoming film Legacy at the Raindance Film Festival, Elba dropped some hints as to whom he might play in the future, and they sound like great choices. Hit the jump for full quotes and where those properties stand in terms of rights.

idris_elba_01While speaking with Total Film during the festival, Elba said that his role in Thor wouldn’t be his last, as he has signed a picture deal with Marvel. When quizzed about who he would like to play, given the choice of the Marvel catalog, he mentioned Blade with a smirk that was echoed with laughter from his manager.

“’But erm, there’s a couple of things there that they have… Luke Cage is… very interesting.”

Yes, Idris, Luke Cage is very interesting. While I wouldn’t mind Elba playing all three characters, the likelihood of using the same actor for all of them is doubtful. For one, it would be confusing to the general audience. Additionally, it would mean that he would really tie himself into shooting three different properties, and Elba seems to keep busy shooting other films.

Luke Cage is particularly interesting because Marvel has stated in the past that they are looking to move forward with smaller films and that opens the possibility of an R-rated feature. Low budget means lower financial risk, which translates to a higher likelihood of making something gritty and dark with no limitations. While Blade immediately springs to mind because of the ratings it was allowed in the past, that isn’t a new property.

By now, audiences know Blade. They don’t know Luke Cage, and having Idris Elba in the middle of it would help bring credibility to the role and get a lot of people interested. However, if he ends up playing Blade, that wouldn’t be a bad choice either. At this point, Marvel seems to have ownership of both properties. So, what do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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