If You Think THE HOBBIT and JAMES BOND Are in “Peril”, You’re an Idiot

     September 25, 2009


I woke up this morning and it turned out the sky was falling.  According to Nikki Finke, MGM is on the verge of bankruptcy and if the creditors don’t cough up come cash, then the 85-year-old studio would have to sell off projects like the James Bond franchise and “The Hobbit” just to begin paying off their debts bondholders and then creditors and the bank may only get a 7.5% return on their investment and then have to make a low-finance APR of $2,600 and all cars must go!  Understanding finance is scary but if there are a bunch of parties and numbers then something bad is happening!

So a bunch of movie sites seem to think that Bilbo Baggins and 007 are in the ICU and if MGM dies who knows when we’ll see these movies, IF EVER!  If you honestly believe that no one’s going to make these movies in the near future; that some producer or some studio is just going to sit on the rights to James Bond, shrug, and say, “Well, let’s just stick it in development hell,” or look at “The Hobbit” and think, “Yeah, those ‘Lord of the Rings’ movies were kind of successful but I think that was just a fluke; best not to chance it,” then you are an idiot.  You don’t have to be a lawyer or a financial wizard to figure this out.  I don’t know if MGM will survive or not, but as far as these properties are concerned, you should put down your inhaler and move on with your day.


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