First Images of Amanda Seyfried and Justin Timberlake on the Set of Andrew Niccol’s I’M.MORTAL

     October 27, 2010

The first set images from Andrew Niccol’s sci-fi flick I’m.Mortal have hit the net and they feature Justin Timberlake placing his grubby mutts all over the angelic Amanda Seyfried, going all Run Lola Run with a new short red hairdo. The film, set sometime in a future where people stop aging at 25, focuses on a man who goes on the run after being accused of murder. Here’s our previous coverage.

In addition to Timberlake and Seyfried, Olivia Wilde, Cillian Murphy, and Vincent Kartheiser also star. For a full synopsis of I’m.Mortal and to ogle at Seyfried in a red wig (you know you want to), hit the jump.

Here’s the synopsis:

The thriller takes place in a society where people stop aging at 25 and time has become a currency. Apparently, the rich people are immortal, while the poor have a hard time surviving. Will (Timberlake) is one of those poor people, and tries to help his ailing mother (Wilde). When he is accused of murdering a rich man for his time, he goes on the run with a hostage (Seyfried) in tow.

Whenever one does a story on I’m.Mortal, they are contractually obligated to mention/comment on the oft maligned title of the film. So here goes my stab at it. The annoying thing about the title isn’t the strange association it has to I Am Legend, nor the its vaguely monosyllabic nature — but the bloody period in between words. Why is it there? And if there is a period, why isn’t there a space between the words? Do you know how many times I typed the title as I’m Mortal or I’m. Mortal? Do you know how many times I’ve had to look over this article to make sure I got the title right? It’s just downright frustrating.

Having said all that, it seems like a small complaint given that Andrew Niccols is finally back in the director chair after a five year drought (his last film being 2005’s unjustly dismissed Lord of War). For anyone who doubts Niccols pedigree in the science fiction realm, might I suggest the exceptional Gattaca.

images via JustJared

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