Get Your Own Private IMAX Theater…for $400,000

     June 29, 2016

The way we consume entertainment has already changed, for better or worse. The shift to more movie and TV-watching in the comfort of one’s own home means that viewers have higher and more specific demands, which contributes to the rise of Netflix and the concept of a streaming platform for people to watch what they want, when they want. The folks behind IMAX are now trying to tap into the idea of customizable entertainment by bringing the IMAX experience into your home…for a price.

The IMAX Private Theatre pegs itself as “the world’s first turn-key home entertainment system,” which basically means it transforms a room in your home into your own private IMAX theater. The standard Palais setup can be built up to 75 square meters and costs about $400,000, though movie rentals cost extra. Price presumably varies depending on whether customers buy the small (seats seven), medium (seats 9), and large (seats approximately 17) size theater and whatever decor they choose.


Image via IMAX

Then there’s the Platinum model, able to accommodate 40 guests for the whopping price of $1 million. IMAX is also planning to offer a Prestige entertainment system, which is about half the size of Palais at $200,000.

IMAX Chief Business Development Officer Robert Lister told Bloomberg in an interview:

It is the perfect marriage of a lot of trends we are seeing in entertainment consumption and our technology. People are demanding content, when they want it, where they want it, how they want it.

IMAX is looking to expand these offers into Europe and North America, though clearly this is not for your average, run-of-the-mill moviegoer. Bloomberg points to Sun Minhui, a general manager of China’s Diamond Beach Resort in Hainan, as an example of the type of customer IMAX is looking to attract. A look at a world map on the IMAX Private Theatre website reveals plans to set up showroom locations in Toronto, New York, and Los Angeles.


Image via IMAX


Image via IMAX


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