Leonardo DiCaprio Won’t Play THE IMITATION GAME; Warner Bros. Backs Out of the Production

     August 17, 2012


Current reports have it that Leonardo DiCaprio is passing on the WWII picture, The Imitation Game and Warner Bros. is following suit.  The studio previously picked up the Graham Moore script for a seven-figure sum as part of last year’s Black List.  The script, an adaptation of Andrew Hodges’ 1983 book, “Alan Turing:The Enigma,” centered on Turing, a mathematician and British cryptographer who cracked German codes and helped the Allies win the war.  Later in life, Turing was prosecuted for being a homosexual, an event that led to his eventual suicide.  There is little word as to why DiCaprio passed on the role, but director J Blakeson (The Disappearance of Alice Creed) is still attached.  Hit the jump for more on why WB has backed out.

THR reports that leonardo-dicaprio-the-imitation-game-imagenot only will DiCaprio miss out on the opportunity to play Turing, but Warner Bros. wants no part of the picture without his involvement.  Another technical reason is that the picture had a “project-to-production” clause, which basically means that any agreements on the project could be voided if production wasn’t started by a certain date.  The absence of DiCaprio increased the risk for WB, which is skewing its sights toward more tentpole pictures; the backpeddling still comes as a bit of a surprise since the studio was so gung-ho about Moore’s script from the outset.

Warner Bros. still has DiCaprio on the hook for another project: The Devil in the White City.  This picture, based on the grisly true-life events of Dr. H. H. Holmes, was also adapted by Moore from the Erik Larson novel, “The Devil in the White City: Murder, Magic and Madness at the Fair that Changed America.”  The story centers on Holmes, a Victorian-era doctor who lured up to 200 people to their deaths during the World’s Fair of 1893 in Chicago. Having built the World’s Fair Hotel, which became known as the “murder castle,” Holmes included a gas chamber, crematorium and a dissecting table among the amenities available to his guests. The good doctor then murdered his victims and dismantled their bodies to sell for scientific study. It seems like DiCaprio is taking his villainous turn in Django Unchained to heart, rather than saving the world from a bunch of no good Nazis.


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