Comic-Con 2011: IN TIME Panel Recap

     July 21, 2011


Writer/director Andrew Niccol’s (Gattaca) latest sci-fi flick was featured as part of today’s Hall H panel for Fox. The film stars Justin Timberlake, Amanda Seyfried, Cillian Murphy, and Olivia Wilde, and takes place in a futuristic society where aging can be stopped, thereby making remaining years the most coveted form of currency. Hit the jump to read my recap of the panel.

Moderator Damon Lindelof opens by talking about his love for The Truman Show (which Niccol wrote) and Gattaca (which Niccol wrote and directed). Niccol comes out and says in the world of the film the poor die and the rich don’t live. Aging stops at 25 years, after which you’re given one year to live unless you can trade for more time.

andrew_niccol_01When asked about the casting, Niccol says he was searching for old souls and young souls, since the cast has to look like they’re 25 years old physically.

We were shown a reel of footage that played like an extended trailer. The footage opens with Timberlake’s character, a working class man who has 24 hours left on his clock. He meets Matt Bomer’s character in a bar, who has a century worth of currency. After an altercation with Alex Pettyfer’s character, Bomer decides to give Timberlake his remaining time revealing that he’s 105 years old. After Bomer’s character runs out of time (therefore dying) and falls off a bridge, Cillian Murphy shows up playing a law enforcement official. They “follow the time” and find out that Timberlake has Bomer’s remaining time, suspecting him of murdering Bomer.

Timerblake travels to an upscale city where everyone seems to be much older than the urban neighborhoods he frequented at the beginning. It’s here that he meets Amanda Seyfried, whose father is played by Pete Campbell. The two must then go on the run (I’m not entirely sure why she has to run away with him), as they’re running out of time.

The tone and world is extremely similar to Gattaca. It’s a realistic future, and the In Time universe comes across perfectly. The cast is great and the story is super intriguing. The future doesn’t come across as hokey and the plot is played very straightforward, making the stakes believable.

Lindelof then brings out Timberlake and Seyfried. Timberlake talks about being a big fan of Gattaca and The Truman Show, as well as The Fugitive, whose similarities appealed to him about the project. Lindelof points out that Olivia Wilde plays Timberlake’s mother in the film, and then bring up Timberlake’s SNL song “Motherlover” with Andy Samberg.

I’m a huge fan of Gattaca, and this looks like a definite return to form for Niccol in the sci-fi genre.

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