INCEPTION Set Photos! Leonardo DiCaprio and Ellen Page

     August 17, 2009

While I can’t tell you a thing about Christopher Nolan’s next movie “Inception” as Warner Bros. hasn’t released a synopsis, I can offer you a few set photos as Leonardo DiCaprio, Ellen Page and Christopher Nolan were filming the movie yesterday in Paris! The scene they were shooting was above the Seine River on the Pont de Bir-Hakeim bridge. While we aren’t going to learn much about the film from these images, with “Inception” on everyone’s radar due to the mystery of the film and the fact that it’s Christopher Nolan (“The Dark Knight”), I figure you’d like to see them. Take a look after the jump:

As you can tell by the watermarks, these photos are courtesy of JustJared. I’ve used four of them, they have 16 more.

Finally, while some may want to know everything about “Inception”, I love that I don’t know a thing. All too often we learn every detail about a movie so far ahead of it’s release that there is nothing left to discover by the time we walk into a theater. If I saw “Inception” not knowing half the film, I’d be ecstatic. I know it’ll never happen…but one can hope.

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