‘Incredibles 2’: Director Brad Bird and Producer John Walker on Deleted Characters & Scenes

     October 29, 2018

Perhaps more than any other type of film, animation is a constantly evolving process. From script to storyboards to animatics to testing, an animated film can change completely in the span of its development & production. Look no further the documentary The Sweatbox, which chronicles the arduous process of making The Emperor’s New Groove. 

incredibles-2-blu-ray-coverIncredibles 2, too, has many discarded characters, subplots, and scenes – although, given the film’s tight production schedule (the film was pushed up from a 2019 release date), there simply wasn’t the time to tinker as much. Per filmmaker Brad Bird, if a scene or idea wasn’t immediately working, then it was immediately “killed.” Regardless—many of these scenes have survived in storyboards and now can be glimpsed on the upcoming Blu-ray/DVD.

In our interview with director Brad Bird and producer John Walker, the duo previews the deleted characters & scenes from Incredibles 2 and reveal their reaction to the sequel’s reviews. For the full interview, watch above.

Brad Bird and John Walker:

  • Brad Bird & John Walker discuss deleted scenes and characters in Incredibles 2
  • Bird and Walker reveal how the compressed production schedule affected the film
  • Bird on how reviews affect/influence him

Incredibles 2 hits DVD/Blu-ray on November 6th and is now available on Digital HD.

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