‘Incredibles 2’ Animators Jessica & Dave Torres Reveal How Their Personal Lives Influenced the Film

     November 5, 2018

Animators often utilize reference videos of themselves—playing catch, jumping up and down, tying a tie, you name it—as a tool for animating a character to do the same. At the Pixar Press Day for Incredibles 2, I watched a number of these videos featuring animators Jessica and Dave Torres, a real-life married couple, brushing their teeth, reading a book, and lying in bed. The personal home videos of this every-day couple then utilized to bring to life Mr. and Mrs. Incredibles’ own life – brushing her teeth, reading his book, lying in their bed – showcasing how the personal can affect art in even the most minute details.


Image via Disney/Pixar

In the following interview with animators Jessica Torres and Dave Torres, the couple discusses creating their reference videos, how much an animated shot changes from concept to design, and a typical day for a Pixar animator. For the full interview, watch above.

Jessica & Dave Torres:

  • How may reference videos do the Torres make for a project?
  • What’s the weirdest reference video they’ve ever had to make?
  • What do they do with these reference videos after they finish using them?
  • What is the typical day for an animator at Pixar like?
  • How much does a shot change from initial design to finished product?
  • Was it easier to animate Incredibles 2 given the preexisting material from the first film?

Incredibles 2 hits DVD/Blu-ray on November 6th and is now available via Digital HD.

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