Only One INDEPDENDENCE DAY Sequel for Now Confirms Producer Dean Devlin; Hopes to Move to STARGATE Reboot Next

     December 4, 2014


Last week, Fox finally greenlit Independence Day 2, and has set the film for June 24, 2016 (which is just wrong; you can only place it on one weekend, competition be damned).  When we spoke to director Roland Emmerich last year for White House Down, he said they were going to go with just one sequel rather than the previously announced back-to-back follow-ups for the 18-year-old blockbuster.  In a recent interview, producer Dean Devlin confirmed that they were only going to do one sequel for now, and gave a very wise and prudent answer as to why.

Hit the jump for what Devlin had to say along with his and Emmerich’s plans for the Stargate reboot.

independence-day-white-house-explodeWhen every studio is trying to stretch franchises as far as possible, it’s refreshing to hear Devlin say that they’re deciding to see how one sequel does before pushing further installments onto an audience that may no longer be receptive to the series.  Speaking to Nerd Report, Devlin said:

“We decided just to do one first to make sure that people like where we’re going.  If that works well, there’s an ability to do some world building which would be really fun and interesting to do. I think Roland and everybody felt, let’s just make sure 20 years later that people still are interested. I think in our case, we started to feel that maybe we were being a little bit arrogant by assuming that we could do two movies. We said you know what, let’s scale it down. Let’s first make sure that it works for everyone.”

Devlin and Emmerich are also planning to return to the 90s by rebooting the Stargate franchise.  Earlier this year, we reported that they were planning to launch a new trilogy, and Devlin confirms that Emmerich is eager to direct the first installment, but that means the project will be on hold until Independence Day 2 is completed:

“Unfortunately, we have to wait until we finish Independence Day for that. Roland wants to direct that one too. Hopefully we go into that right afterwards.”

Devlin also tells Nerd Report that that the trilogy will begin by remaking the first movie, which starred Kurt Russell and James Spader.

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