Rumor: Disney Wants Chris Pratt for INDIANA JONES Reboot

     January 27, 2015


Here’s your rumor warning: this is a rumor, and a rumor in the very early development stages at that.  That being said, this is an awesome rumor and one I hope is true. Deadline reports that Chris Pratt is being eyed to take over the leading role in an Indiana Jones reboot as the swashbuckling anthropologist made famous by Harrison Ford.  Pratt has long proved the power of his charisma on Parks and Recreations, and finally established his leading man status last year with Guardians of the Galaxy.

indiana-jonesWe’ve been waiting for word of forward motion on an Indiana Jones revival since Disney and Paramount struck a deal back in 2013, and then quickly told fans not to expect a new film for two to three years while the writers worked out a good story.  This casting rumor fits in perfectly within that timeline and hopefully that means they figured out a story everyone feels passionate about.  If the story’s good, then Chris Pratt is absolutely the right man to bring the beloved snake-fearing adventurer back to the big screen.  He’s got the charm, the pelvic sorcery and the ruggedness, and while Pratt is best known for playing goofy, less-than-brilliant characters, I have no doubt he could drop the shtick and play an earnest and intelligent man.  Look, there’s always going to be outcry about why this shouldn’t be remade, but the fact is they’re going to do it, and if they’re going to do it, at least rumor has it they’re looking in the right direction.



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