Behold! Sideshow Collectibles Offers an Easier Way to Obtain the Infinity Gauntlet!

     July 18, 2018


Whether your agree or disagree with Thanos, you can’t argue that he went through a lot to try and get the Infinity Gauntlet and all six Infinity Stones. It was no easy task, but thankfully for you and me, if we want that stuff, it’s only a Sideshow Collectibles order away.

Sideshow is currently showing off their upcoming goods at the 2018 San Diego Comic-Con, and Steve Weintraub was on the floor to snap pics of their wares. Among the most notable collectibles they’ll be selling is a replica Infinity Gauntlet complete with all six Infinity Stones. The life-size replica prop will cost you $930 and ship sometime between January and March 2019. No word yet if snapping while wearing the Gauntlet will wipe out half of all life in the universe.

Check out image of Sideshow Collectible’s Infinity Gauntlet below.

infinity-gauntlet-sideshow-collectibles-1 infinity-gauntlet-sideshow-collectibles-2 infinity-gauntlet-sideshow-collectibles-3 infinity-gauntlet-sideshow-collectibles-4 infinity-gauntlet-sideshow-collectibles-5

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