‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Already Setting Box-Office Records in China Before Its Release

     May 9, 2018


Believe it or not, Avengers: Infinity War has yet to open in China. The world’s second-largest box-office territory will welcome the Marvel Studios milestone into its theaters this Friday, and if early pre-sale tickets are any indication, it’s going to be a massive overseas debut for the Russo Brothers‘ film. How massive? Well it’s already breaking records days ahead of its release.

As THR reports, A:IW has already taken in $47.5 million (RMB 302 million) in pre-sales as of late Wednesday night in Beijing. (It’s already tomorrow there! What Time Stone wizardry is this?!) For the math-minded among you, that means the movie still has another full day before its local release on Friday. The record’s already been set, however, since Infinity War has earned more than the estimated $47 million (by today’s rate) for Monster Hunt 2 which roared into cinemas earlier this year. It also dusted domestic competitor Fate of the Furious, the previous record-holder from just last year with an estimated $25 million in Chinese pre-sale tickets. It’ll easily double this number by Friday.


Image via Marvel

What remains to be seen is just how high Infinity War‘s box office may climb now that China is a factor. All signs point to a strong opening weekend in the territory and estimates suggest that it’ll be the first summer blockbuster movie to approach the $2 billion mark in worldwide earnings. (Avengers 4 will probably join its older sibling next year in this regard.) To date, China’s highest-grossing superhero flick was the previous Marvel event film Avengers: Age of Ultron with a total of $240 million. Box-office analysts think that this total is within reach and I, a lowly writer-person, will all but guarantee it.

A box-office spoiler may lurk in the near future, however, with John Krasinski‘s horror hit A Quiet Place opening in China just one week later. You can fully expect Infinity War to stay atop the box office in the U.S. this coming weekend with little to no competition in store, a stance the Marvel movie won’t be able to claim next weekend when fellow Marvel anti-hero Deadpool 2 arrives for Fox on May 18th.

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Image via Marvel Studios, IMAX

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