‘Avengers: Infinity War’: What Did You Think?

     April 27, 2018


Spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War follow in the post below. 

At long last, Avengers: Infinity War is finally here. Back in October 2014, seven months before the highly anticipated Avengers: Age of Ultron hit theaters, Marvel Studios announced that Infinity War would be the third Avengers sequel arriving in 2018, followed by Avengers 4 in 2019. From that point on, fan anticipation has always had an eye on Infinity War, waiting to see how Marvel would bring this culmination event to the big screen.

We knew Marvel meant business when they brought nearly every single MCU cast member together for Infinity War, and subsequently set Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Captain America: Civil War directors Joe and Anthony Russo to direct the epic sequel. Fans pored over every single piece of casting, every piece of marketing, and every set photo to get a glimpse of what Infinity War would be. And now, it’s finally here. The actual movie is available for all to see.


Image via Marvel

So, was it worth all the buildup and anticipation? Well Infinity War is certainly exhaustive, if not downright exhausting. The film packs a lot of plot into its bloated runtime, with plenty of screentime devoted to fleshing out Thanos (Josh Brolin) as a formidable and dimensional villain (whether the film actually succeeds in doing so is up for debate). Then there are also a vast number of characters to service. At times the film feels like a mid-season episode of Game of Thrones—skipping around from storyline to storyline, some parts better than others, while never really coming to a definitive conclusion. And on the whole, to me at least, the experience of watching Infinity War felt like bingeing an entire season of a Netflix TV series in one sitting—both for good and bad.

There are highlights to be sure, and at the root of it the best part about these MCU movies are the little character moments. Infinity War isn’t short on those, whether it’s the interactions between Thor and the Guardians of the Galaxy or Tony continually referring to Doctor Strange as a wizard. And the ending is certainly surprising, although it very much feels like the halfway point of a story.

Anyway, those are simply my thoughts on the matter. Matt’s review is on the site, but now we want to hear from you, the fans. What did you think of Infinity War? Did it live up to your expectations? Did Marvel deliver the goods when it comes to crafting Thanos as the baddest villain of them all? Sound off in the comments below!

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