Watch: ‘Infinity War’ Screenwriters Go Full Spoilers in Our 45-Minute Deep-Dive Interview

     May 22, 2018

Warning: Avengers: Infinity War spoilers are discussed in this article/video.

If you watched the Russo Brothers Avengers: Infinity War and had questions, I’m about to make your day. That’s because I recently sat down with Infinity War screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely for an exclusive interview about the making of the film and during the in-depth, forty-five-minute conversation we left no stone unturned.

As you can hear them say in the player above, they talked about where Sharon Carter was during the events of the film, if Hawkeye was ever part of Infinity War, if Thor’s new hammer Stormbreaker is more powerful than the Infinity Gauntlet, the Captain Marvel post-credits scene, if they know how old Thanos is, deleted scenes, why it took longer for certain characters to be dusted then others, if Thanos was only able to beat Hulk because he had the Power Stone, whose idea it was to bring Red Skull back, where Hulk was just before film starts while Thanos and his children were attacking the Asgardian ship, and so much more. Trust me, I asked everything I could think of and learned a lot about the making of the film.


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As usual, I’ve listed out everything that was talked about in order below so if you don’t have the time to watch the full interview, you can watch the parts that interest you.

Finally, a huge thank you to Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely for not only writing a fantastic movie, but for coming into the Collider studio to talk spoilers with us.

Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely:

  • How do fans tears taste?
  • Was the final shot in the movie with Thanos looking at the sunset always the final shot? How did you hit upon what the last image of the movie would be?
  • How is Marvel going to promote Spider-Man: Homecoming Part 2?
  • A while ago, when Infinity War was in very early development, Kevin Feige said that a lot of Infinity War had yet to be decided, but some of it was planned to “microscopic detail”.
  • Where was Sharon Carter?
  • Was Hakweye ever involved in Part 1/Infinity War?
  • How was Stormbreaker able to slice though a fully equipped Infinity Gauntlet? Is Stormbreaker more powerful than the full Infinity Gauntlet?
  • The Russo Bros said in the AOL Build interview that Cap & Bucky’s reunion in IW wasn’t their first since Bucky’s mind was healed. What do you imagine their first reunion was like? Did it happen prior to the film?
  • avengers-infinity-war-guardians-of-the-galaxy

    Image via Marvel

    Where was Hulk just before film starts while Thanos and his children lay waste to Asgarsian ship?

  • When writing, did they figure out the arc of the entire two movies before you started writing Avengers 3?
  • Did you work backwards from the end of part 4 to see who would be vital to save in part 3?
  • How tough was it to figure out how the Avengers would actually beat Thanos?
    Seems like Thor is all powerful in some scenes and not as powerful in others? What is happening with that?
  • How much more powerful is Stormbreaker then Mijolnir?
  • Do you think that Iron Man and everyone would have beaten Thanos if Star Lord hadn’t punched him?
  • How old is Thanos?
  • Which character or characters almost died but ultimately didn’t in Infinity War?
  • Are you done finished filming Avenger 4 or are you filming more in September?
  • How come it took longer for certain characters to be dusted then others?
  • Where did the idea for calling Captain Marvel after the credits come from? Was that always going to be the tag?
  • How did they figure out Captain Marvel’s powers since they haven’t been seen before?
  • infinity-war-images-nebula

    Image via Marvel

    How Black Panther became this hugely popular character and movie. Do they think he would have had a bigger role if they knew how popular he would be?

  • Did they consider any other after the credits scene besides the Captain Marvel one?
  • Where their other characters you wanted to write a meet up with but didn’t get the chance because of story? They had a scene with Peter Parker and Black Widow.
  • Did Gamora’s backstory change in this movie from what was established in Guardians of the Galaxy?
  • Who came up with the idea to bring Red Skull back, was that always part of the plan or was it a late edition to the story?
  • Is there a possibility of Vision still being a part of the Mind Stone since Shuri was unable to finish what she was doing?
  • How did you decide who was going to be dusted at the end?
    When did they know Captain Marvel would be a part of Avengers 3 and 4?
  • Will time travel be involved in Avengers 4?
  • After using the Gauntlet did Thanos pay a physical price for using all the stones at once?
  • infinity-war-images-doctor-strange-iron-man-bruce-banner-wong

    Image via Marvel

    What was written but was never filmed?

  • Deleted scenes talk. How they filmed a different scene of Tony and Pepper in the park which had cameos including one with Joe Russo.
  • How did the other Marvel filmmakers (directors and writers) contribute to the script?
  • Was Thanos only able to beat Hulk because he had the Power Stone or was he just that powerful?
  • Talk a little bit about the timeline of Thanos getting the Gauntlet? When was the Gauntlet made, was it when Loki was pretending to be Odin? What became of Xandar? When did that happen and was it completely destroyed?
  • How was it going against something as powerful as Thanos without a super powerful being like Adam Warlock in play?
  • Did they ever consider using Netflix heroes like Daredevil in Infinity War?
  • Was there any thought to having Brie Larson appear in the post credit scene?
  • Describe the first day when they sat down to write the script.

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