The Biggest Spoilery Questions We Have after ‘Avengers: Infinity War’

     May 1, 2018


Be warned! There are all kinds of spoilers up in this post. There are more spoilers in this post than there are beloved character deaths in Infinity War, and that’s a lot!

Me-oh-my, Avengers: Infinity War sure is a doozie of superhero action wrapped up in one of the most star-studded blockbuster packages cinema has ever seen. Ten years, eighteen movies, and it was all leading up to this; an insanely epic superhero bonanza that splashes the heroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe together in fun new combinations across the galaxy on a mission to stop the Mad Titan Thanos. Except this time, they lose. Thanos wins. Spider-Man breaks your heart (That Tom Holland kid is going places, I tell you.) And half of Marvel’s superstar roster blinked out of existence with the snap of a finger. Oh, and half of the entire universe too.

So yeah, Infinity War is the kind of movie that conjures all kinds of questions, big and small. While the folks at Marvel made a whole lot of hullaballoo about the third and fourth Avengers movies being separate, self-contained films, they’re clearly part of a two-film arc and that means Infinity War laid a lot of track for next year’s follow-up and it left a lot to be answered with one of the ballsiest, most depressing cliffhanger endings in tentpole cinema. So with that in mind, let’s dig deep into the questions that are going to be driving me nuts until we get answers in Avengers 4.

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