‘Ingrid Goes West’: Aubrey Plaza Goes Full ‘Mr. Ripley’ in New Trailer for Darkly Funny Thriller

     June 28, 2017


NEON has released a new trailer for the upcoming dark comedy thriller Ingrid Goes West. The feature directorial debut of Matt Spicer stars Aubrey Plaza as a lonely, unstable young woman who, after fixating on “lifestyle guru” Taylor Soane’s (Elizabeth Olsen) Instagram, models her social media life after Sloane’s and moves to California to become her best friend. I caught the film at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year (read my full review here) and it was one of the fest’s biggest pleasant surprises. While the premise may sound like it gets worn out fast, Spicer keeps twisting and turning the plot in fascinating directions, and the performances from Plaza and Olsen are spectacular. Plaza in particular delivers the best performance of her career, a turn that’s hilarious, terrifying, and deeply sad.

This new trailer is a solid encapsulation of what you’ll find in Ingrid Goes West, and it does a great job of capturing the increasingly manic/terrifying energy that exists in the film. The movie has a clear Talented Mr. Ripley vibe but Spicer ensures this film stands on its own, especially as it relates to how it comments on the current state and use of social media. Plus, the whole cast here is great, with O’Shea Jackson Jr. delivering a scene-stealing performance as Ingrid’s landlord.

Check out the new Ingrid Goes West trailer below. The film also stars Wyatt Russell and Billy Magnussen and opens in theaters on August 11th.

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