‘Injustice 2’ Video Game Trailer Pits Batman v Superman … Again

     June 8, 2016


In 2013, the NetherRealm Studios videogame Injustice: Gods Among Us introduced players to an alternate version of the Justice League’s universe in which Superman has established a new world order after a particularly cruel and cunning trick played on him by the Joker. This led Batman and his allies to battle against the Kryptonian god. Sound (somewhat) familiar?

Now, a new trailer announcing the arrival and release date of the game’s sequel, Injustice 2, reveals that these superheroes and supervillains are still battling it out. If you can get past the dark, deeply shadowed setting in which Superman, Batman, Aquaman and more fight tooth and nail, and the multiple layers of neon-streaked armor that springs up from hammerspace, it looks like this follow-up gets back to the fun and fighting that made the original so successful.

Check out the new announcement trailer for Injustice 2 below, along with the new game’s artwork:

Here’s what NetherRealm Studios’ Creative Director Ed Boon had to say about the new game:

“In Injustice 2, we are introducing new features that will change the way fans play fighting games. We’re always interested in pushing the genre forward and allowing players to customize and level-up their favorite DC Super Heroes and Super-Villains is a significant leap.”

The press release also mentions the addition of “unique and powerful gear earned throughout the game. For the first time gamers can take control of how their characters look, fight and develop across a variety of game modes.” There’s no word on if these add-ons will be purchased through micro-transactions or if they’re earned through gameplay.


Image via NetherRealm Studios

Here’s a brief look at some of the returning and new characters appearing in Injustice 2:

Players can play from the biggest DC roster ever offered in a fighting game, from classic fan favorites such as Batman, Superman, Supergirl and Aquaman, to astonishing new villains like Atrocitus and Gorilla Grodd. Battles will take place across arenas that have evolved in scale and span across iconic locations such as Metropolis, Gotham City and Atlantis.

Look for more on Injustice 2 at E3 2016 next week, and look for the game itself sometime next year. Here’s the synopsis for Injustice 2:

Build and power up the ultimate version of your favorite DC legends in INJUSTICE 2. With a massive selection of DC Super Heroes and Super-Villains, INJUSTICE 2 allows you to personalize iconic DC characters with unique and powerful gear. Take control over how your favorite characters look, how they fight, and how they develop across a huge variety of game modes. This is your Legend. Your Journey. Your Injustice.


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