‘Inner Workings’ Trailer Provides a Look at the Cute Short in Front of ‘Moana’

     November 23, 2016


Disney has released a trailer for their new short film, Inner Workings. In the short film, a man goes to work at his soul-crushing job, but is constantly distracted by his heart’s desire to get out of the office and live a little. The short film plays in front of Moana, and it’s pretty cute.

Like some of Disney’s best shorts, there’s pretty much no dialogue, and it’s all about storytelling through action and emotion. The short also represents a conflict we all have: we want to do the fun stuff, but we have to be responsible, and I like the solution to the film comes to at the end.

It will be interesting to see if Inner Workings gets some love in the Best Animated Short category. Disney has been pretty successful in years past having picked up Oscars for Feast and Paperman. I’m curious to see what other animated shorts will be competing this year, but I definitely wouldn’t mind seeing Inner Workings as a contender.

Check out the trailer below, and see the full short in front of Moana, which opens today.


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